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 Coldbird quits Scene. But CFW 6.60 PRO-C still in Development.

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PostSubject: Coldbird quits Scene. But CFW 6.60 PRO-C still in Development.   Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:53 pm

PRO-C is still in development, its a rather large step up from PRO-B. As in this build the team is planning to add an online mode (infrastructure mode) for ad-hoc games. This is without the use of Xlink Kai or Ad Hoc Party. Something that has never been done before. The requires majoring coding and testing.

But will it see the light of day? Hopefully, but the PRO team and PSP Scene had a major set back yesterday as ColdBird, a key PSP developer has left the PSP scene. You can’t blame him after many ungrateful impatient noobs gave him strife on his blog. After his posted about progress on 6.60 PRO-C. Its not the first time a developer has quit because of raging impatent comments from 12 year old kids… People need to learn that PSP developers do this work out of there own spare time for FREE. They owe you the user nothing. But it seems some will never get it into their heads and bitch and moan. The PSP scene is still ugly.. And yet again the damage is done.

Coldbird joins the ranks of other Developers that have thrown their towel in Red Squirrel , Dark_Alex , Yoshihiro , GENyUS to name a few….

Quote from his blog
Quote :
When Realization hits...
Not really pleased. Not at all.

To those that always helped when I or my teammates where in trouble and couldn't provide the way we wanted to, please ignore this blog post.
To the haters out there...
I and all other PRO team members do this in their SPARE TIME, without payment, next to reallife.
We stop living, eating and code for you guys 24/7? Are you guys nuts?
When you have to read 30 comments and 20 of them are flames because you can't stand us then for fucking sake don't bother to write anything at all, noone is forcing you to use our code, hell - it is even opensource, if you don't like it and want things to change then FUCKING DO THEM YOURSELF.
As for me, this is the final wakeup call I needed.
I'm joining many developers who did it before, this was the final push I needed, it's over!
I'm sorry for my teammates who are left to fend for themselves now but this is goodbye.
You guys did it, I'm gone. Continue and more people will leave without doubt.
I bet someone is laughing right now being "Yes finally did it!" - only to realize lateron that they have cut their own flesh...
VF, old mate, I will always be there to talk be it over good old times future projects outside of the scene, or just whenever you need someone to talk to.
For the online project, I've handed the existing code to Codestation for refactoring and project continuation so you guys won't be left without online mode...

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Coldbird quits Scene. But CFW 6.60 PRO-C still in Development.
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