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 whats new ?

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PostSubject: whats new ?    Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:08 am

hey guys well i started school this last monday , ( got to be with my baby Wink ) haha nd my homies , its pretty easy but we be having maddddddd hw and reports in the first day of school , anyways i havent been on socom for a while since like Last week of july? then i got on today , just to talk to skiller and perry Very Happy . nd i noticed Wu-Tangg-_- was back online ?!?! i tryed following then it said enter pw blah blah , so i went to server to look for him and i see a room called Wu' B-Day Very Happy so yeh. im happy . ( long story short cuz i kno many of u moght hate him) when he first came on ftb3 that was my first clan ( MY BEST CLAN ) me n him were reallllyy close , i was co-leader till .... he changed he hacked his psp and screwed his socom life up .. i havent seen him since . nyways im getting ready for a hurricane ! :O lol and i live down the shore ( Jersey ) anyways hows it been ? whats new since i been gone ( i know ever since i posted this it was irrelevant lol but nyway yeh how it been ?
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PostSubject: Re: whats new ?    Sat Aug 27, 2011 6:21 pm

I pooped all over the site and it crashed but now its back
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whats new ?
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