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 Takin on in mattjeters footsteps

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PostSubject: Takin on in mattjeters footsteps   Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:48 pm

Hello guys many o you do not know me well im mattjeter's cousin . Matt sadly retired for good without telling anybody but me . But matt didnt want to let you guys down so he left me , shoot emp up , brenan217 in charge of the big bang save . I actually need all the help i can get becuase matt didnt really tell me what to do . He also gave me his mattjeter account , and he's working on recon sniperz save but thats it . He made a couple of new codes and he said he guess's thats gonna die with him . He sorry he left he said even though proably none of you give one shit about him anymore . So he left . He also said he loves you all very much ( no homo ) but hes gone and thats final . Hes getting a xbox 360 with the gold live . Bye guys .
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Takin on in mattjeters footsteps
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