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 6.38 TN-A maybe?

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PostSubject: 6.38 TN-A maybe?   Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:30 am

i just copyed and pasted this.

After the big news with the kernel mode exploit in the OFW 6.38, gave Total_Noob me also the opportunity to conduct a short interview with him.
In the interview he has given us once again surprised to see.


You're 15, right? When did you birthday?
One day in January.

What started you on the with the PSP?
My first plugin was hold music. After some time came DayView, Ultimate VSH Menu, XMB Icon Manager and dozens of other plugins, I have always been interested in patching / Hooking.

From what did you dare to something like a HEN?
Prior to the announcement from 6.20 TN-A I could not even reverse correctly. That is, I could only understand and reverse control system during development.

How long did it take (see Incl. Kmod Xploit) the HEN to make up for release on 12/24/2010?
As of October, I had worked all weekend on it.

What was your first thought on the PRO HEN?
Nice, ISO loader:)

How do you stand on the PRO CFW, Especially for 6.20er version?
For me, no matter, but alas I see my features in there ....

Is the PRO CFW from your point of view and from stolen code ?
I was angry that no one had mentioned PRO - that was the kernel exploit to me.

What was your first thought to the TN-D Permanent?
Nice, I will try it:) 10 minutes later - damn bricked.

What was it with the Bricken your PSP? (Please describe in detail how it bricked what you had done before, etc.)
I found the Perma-Patch **** and wanted to restore vshmain. No idea why, but I could not turn PSPgo, and recovery.prx I could not access.

What is (Sold, in the trash, etc.) with your old Go
It is with dust in the closet xD

Why a new Go?
I think the PSPgo very practical and image quality is umpteen times better.

Do you have other than the PSP's new Go?
Yop, PSP-1000 and PSP-2000, all at 6:38 OFW.

Starting when you've been looking for a 6:37 + Kmod Xploit?
When I got my new PSP Go with firmware 6.38.

How long did it take?
Ca. a week oh, btw, I'm not one, I 2 Kxploits .

Why are you on OFW 6:38? Can you downgrade?
Clear i can downgrade, but since i'm at 6.38 i can make a CFW/HEN for it

Will you make another more detailed video clips on the new HEN?
Why should I? Is anyway not released. Maybe if 6:38 TN-A 100% complete ...

Are you a beta tester or help in coding HEN?
Yes, Hackman and Vegetano1. Therefore, TN-E 6:20 was a bit buggy at that time because they had tested it enough xD

As you can see it has done it again and even Total_Noob 2 kernel mode exploits found in the current Sony OFW.
Besides the thing with the PlayStation Network will now add the problems too.

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PostSubject: Re: 6.38 TN-A maybe?   Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:54 am

Yes, I he really does make a 6.38 tn then i will cry with happiness dude seriously!

Currently learning coding and making vip stuff for my site.
Guest heres the link
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PostSubject: Re: 6.38 TN-A maybe?   Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:06 pm

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PostSubject: Re: 6.38 TN-A maybe?   

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6.38 TN-A maybe?
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