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 How to install a g-save on a mac & windows

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PostSubject: How to install a g-save on a mac & windows   Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:48 pm

I dont have any screenshots but ill try to get take some when i can

ok well im gona make it easy cuz it is just follow my instructions
1) download your gamesave
2) Get your psp and a usb cable and hook it up to your mac
3) After a few seconds you should see like a sideways Xbox 360 elite it might say untitled under or what ever you call it.

4) now click it and it should open up and show the folders.
5) goto your PSP folder>savedata
6) Now find the gamesave you downloaded and extract it from either .zip or .rar
7) You will have a folder called UCUS98716
there shouldn't be a zipper through it or it shouldn't says .rar as its file type
Cool now copy that folder and paste it into ur savedata folder
9) eject your psp and go on socom
10) when your online on ftb3 find a room and start the game. In game if there is an mm1 try switching fire modes. same with primary and dont change the load out you will lose the save if you save it


This is how to install gamesaves on a PC running windows.
this takes less steps todo.

1) download the gamesave
2) now get your psp and hook it up via usb
3) you should get a pop up asking you to do something find view as folders with internet explorer
4) if you dont get a pop up goto my computer and find your psp
5) find your gamesave and extract it so its no longer .zip or .rar
6) copy the folder called UCUS98716 into your psp folder>savedata
7)go on socom get online and start game check fire modes and try scoping if it is not a sniper


i know there was an announcment on this in gamesave section but you know
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How to install a g-save on a mac & windows
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