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 6.35 PRO-A CFW

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PostSubject: 6.35 PRO-A CFW   Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:08 pm

yes VF released HEN CFW for 6.35 PRO users like me it is said to work on 1000,2000, and PSP Go systems
not sure on 3000 models but ill test..anyways it can run SOME iso/cso's directly from the XMB without
Prometheus iso LDR. or open idea.
if ur going to install u must have 6.35 PRO already installed then run the 6.35 PRO-A installer
for more info + dl go here
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PostSubject: Re: 6.35 PRO-A CFW   Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:00 pm

It is a LCFW (Light Custom Firmware). And yes it works on 3000s. You have to treat it like a HEN still, though.

It's pretty much the TN HEN for 6.35, just a more advanced PRO.
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6.35 PRO-A CFW
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